Dynamic 4:s Era

Following on the success of Pointcast, and the general hype around the push concept, the the fourth generation browsers' most talked-about feature was the support for channels. Subscribing to a channel (basically a specially designed small website) meant it would get downloaded (pushed) to your computer at regular intervals (preferrably when the network connection was idle) making the browsing quicker for you, and enabling offline browsing.

Internet Explorer 4 came with Active channels.
Netscape's Communicator included Netcaster for channel tuning.

Microsoft had integrated Internet Explorer 4 with the Windows Explorer as well as with the desktop, making it an Active desktop which could look like and behave like a web page. Another feature was that one could place remotely controlled items (such as a news and stock tickers) on the desktop.

In fact, this strategy of integration seems to have been quite a bit too good. Netscape had to file a lawsuit claiming Microsoft was taking illegal advantage of their vast market share. The legal process has not come to a final result as of today.