Fifth generation and beyond

Back to the man who started the web project, Mr Berners-Lee. Now the director of the W3C he is certainly very active in the long term development of the web. The success of the web project, of course, is incredible. But if his next project even comes close to being realized, the impact will be even greater.

From the makers of the World Wide Web, html and http, comes the Semantic web.

If the World Wide Web is a way of connecting all the information, the Semantic Web is a way of connecting all knowledge. The World Wide Web can only be browsed by human beings - it is too unstructured to be automatically dealt with by computers, and it is too large for any human to encompass. A semantic web can be browsed by computers. It is information structured and formulated in a way that allows computers to deduce knowledge, translate, sort, categorize, filter and finally present it in a relevant, concise and intelligible way to human users.

The building blocks for this infostructure: RDF and XML, are scheduled to appear shortly in a browser near you!

to be cont.d ...