Mosaic Era

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Mosaic really did revolutionize the Internet. In fact, most of the newcomers believed that Mosaic was the Internet. The Second WWW Conference was called "Mosaic and the Web" and now people outside of academia started raising their eyebrows. In June, 1993 Digital Equipment Corporation opened the first commercial website.

Aside from Mosaic there was a bunch of other browsers. Remember Cello? No? What about Viola, Cello, IBM WebExplorer, SlipKnot (for graphic surfing through a terminal connection) or the feature test bed called Amaya? Probably not, because only one of the old browsers is being widely used these days. It is, rather surprisingly, the text based Lynx. The reason being that it is an advanced text only browser, suitable for blind people, people on very limited bandwidth, hardcore UNIX geeks etc.

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