Netscape Era

As Mosaic drew commercial interest onto the net arena, some of the business people drew Mosaic onto the commercial arena. In April 1994 a company called Mosaic Communications Corporation was founded with private money, and it immediately produced a greatly improved version of Mosaic. It was called Mosaic Netscape, and among the incredible new features were layout control (the CENTER tag) and the ability to open multiple concurrent tcp connections, greatly reducing download time.

The Mosaic browser coming from the world of education, Mosaic Corp. (later Netscape) decided to give something back. So the Mosaic Netscape browser was freely distributed to students, teachers and researchers all over the world. This pricing strategy was a very important factor in Netscape's enormous success. The market percentage share was in the 80's for a long duration, and when the company stock was made public it soared until economists had to rewrite their theories.

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